Helpful Communities You Should Know About

Helpful Communities You Should Know About

Developers are often considered problem-solvers in the first place. It's a skill that takes a lot of practice to perfect. So it isn't unusual for developers to get stuck.

Speaking of skills, some people think Googling is cheating, something we were taught in school a lot, when actually it should be seen as a skill. Google is an algorithm that takes in words and gives you the best possible results. So choosing the correct words is the key to getting the correct results and saving you time on solving a problem.

But what will you do if you get stuck and Google can't help you? Let's picture the scenario where you have digested your issue, you looked for a solution on Google / Stack Overflow. You took a walk, you slept on the issue, and nothing has helped you come up with a solution.

Two heads are better than one...

… but more is even better. That's where communities come into play. There's a probability that someone else had the same issue, but came up with a solution by themselves and never documented it online, but they would love to help you.

In this article, I want to mention 3 communities that I heard about or that I'm part of, and how they can help you get “unstuck” in your problem-solving journey.


If you're looking for an amazing non-profit community to learn to code, freeCodeCamp is the way to go. They help tons of people get into coding, offering courses and other learning materials. freeCodeCamp has a forum where you can ask questions if you get stuck, and it's an incredibly open and heart-warming community.

I especially recommend taking a deeper look into it if you're just beginning your programming journey.

Learn more here -> freeCodeCamp


I have been interested in Web3 for almost 10 months now, and a lot of what I've learned is due to LearnWeb3. Besides teaching you about web development and blockchain through their website filled with different tracks, they have a strong and active community on Discord.

Not that long ago, I have been working on an app and got stuck, so I turned to the help channel on Discord. It took just a few hours before I connected with Dany Tulumidis who helped me out.

If you're looking to get into Web3, or you're stuck and need a helping hand in that space, LearnWeb3 is the way to go.

Learn more here -> LearnWeb3

Tech Twitter

Even though you won't get much help, posting a tweet describing your issue (without any audience). You can reach out directly to developers on Twitter, and in most cases they are happy to answer and help you out.

Your first message counts, as a simple “Hi!” would probably be just ignored. In your first message, state what your problem is or pose questions you require answers to. Of course, be polite and don't expect people you're reaching out to, to answer quickly.

If you have done everything correctly, developers would be glad to answer your question or guide you to some resources that might be able to help you out.

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