Dynamic Twitter Banner

Dynamic Twitter Banner

As you might know, Twitter has a large developer community which often makes use of a powerful tool Twitter is providing them with. I'm talking about Twitter API. Just by browsing through Twitter you can find a ton of bots and services which make use of this API. Another popular use-case that you can encounter are follower counts. They can be integrated into name, bio or banner of your profile. But they often look identical and boring - just some plain numbers.

I was very interested in this type of project but I wanted to do something different, something more interesting.

That's when I came up with the idea of a moving object which could represent my followers count. By adding some details and a story to it we get:

"Gary the Snail who is hungry and wants to get to some food at the end of the road."

Alt Text

So... how did I do it? How can you make your own version and what tools do you need?

Here are the 5 main steps:

1) Get the tokens for your app on Twitter's developer page.

2) Use a library/add-on/module for Twitter integration. I've used Twitter Lite for NodeJS. But there are also other possibilities.

  • Setup the authentication and check for the available endpoints (docs).

3) Create your design for the banner using photo-editing software, I used Photoshop but you can use paintNET, GIMP, etc. Don't forget to subdivide your design into different layers and export them separately.


Different Parts

4) Now it's time to get the followers count, create a single image out of the three above and update the profile banner:

  • Fetch the follower count using one of the two APIs: GET followers/ids or GET users/show
  • Use Merge Images for NodeJS to merge the images in the right place. You'll probably need the scale function to map the moving object on top of the background. Here is a JavaScript example: Code Snippet
  • To update the profile banner you should use POST account/update_profile_banner by sending the new Banner as a base64 format.

5) Using a cron job you can repeat all the steps above in a specific duration you like.

That's how I integrated a followers count in my profile banner. If you want to see it in action, you can check my Twitter profile.

If you're stuck or you want to use exactly the same version, I uploaded the source code to my GitHub page.

This project was inspired by Suren's post.

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